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About Us

YU-MA-TU has a history of 55 years. YU-MA-TU, which currently produces in the categories of led television, led bulb and satellite receiver, provides employment for our country with its 55 years of experience and endless entrepreneurship, and provides foreign currency input to our country with its overseas sales.

YU-MA-TU has been and will continue to be the leading company of YU-MA-TU sector with high quality production at European standards and competitive prices, fast and timely delivery.

The reason why YU-MA-TU has survived even in the big crises in the country is that it works entirely with its own resources. Especially after the recent crises, while many businessmen are investing abroad or fleeing production, YU-MA-TU has decided to increase its investment and capacity in order to create more employment and contribute to the economy.

The best example of this is the state-of-the-art production facilities. YU-MA-TU produces environment-friendly lead-free (RoHS) products in European standards. And their products to European countries, especially Turkey, the Balkans and offers to African countries. YU-MA-TU, 55 years of effort, attentive, honest and customer-oriented work offers you.


Our Vision

Our company, which has been operating in the electronics sector for more than 55 years, has always succeeded to be competitive in variable market conditions. In this direction, the best service, without compromising our understanding of the most appropriate price and quality, using the technological infrastructure in accordance with the requirements of the era with the experience and experience gained to become a leading company in the industry and developing service network to be a brand that offers better quality service to consumers.

Our Mission

To provide quality products to our customers in the most economical way is to meet the expectations of our customers in the maximum way and to make the necessary investments to ensure the continuity of the service.

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